3D Skull Creature

I created this character from scratch in Blender. It was such a fun project! I’m still a beginner with the program but learned a lot by making this. 


I started by sculpting a high-poly version, and then later baked the details onto a retopologized low-poly version, so that it would perform better when posing and rendering it. Creating the fur took a while but was well worth it. 


My Process:

After sculpting the creature, I wound up with an ultra-high-poly model that would have been impossible to rig and pose later on. So I manually retopologized it and marked seams before UV unwrapping. Then, I baked the details from the high-poly model to the low-poly model.


After UV unwrapping, I started one of my favorite steps – texture painting!

After painting, I created the fur using a particle system.


Finally, I went on to rig my model using the Rigify add-on inside Blender. I used their “cat” armature as a base, and then moved, added, and removed some of the bones to fit my creature. After attempting to pose my creature, I had to go back do some weight painting to correct the deformation issues I was having in different areas.


Once I was finished with that, posed my creature and then created the moon, grass, and sky environment.


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